About me

I'm an interactive developer located in Ottawa, Canada.

I am currently working as a Web / Interactive freelancer. I am available for any interactive projects you have in mind or if you just need some of my expertise, give me a shout.

Browse around and check out some of my work.
On some cases, you can download the source files to see how I did it. But please remember some files are old (2006) and the code hasn't been updated. The open source community has given so much to me that this is my way of giving back. Be advised that some files will probably be commented in French. If you have any questions or comments, use the form below!


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La Vitrine
La Vitrine - Montreal

I was a freelancer on this project developing the interactive "games". Credits go to the Moment Factory team for adding the interactivity and designing the visuals and to Photonic Dreams for creating the wall of LEDs.

Novo Architectural Projection
Novo Interactive Projection in Processing

An architectural projection for the Novo Exhibition where people could send their comments on the wall through their phone. Completely generated in Processing.

NOVO Exhibition

21 students from my interactive media program from UQAM created 4 interactive installations where people could just walk in and play around with our creations. More to come.

Table Wars
Table wars - 2008

Prototype of a head-to-head game where the players become naval commanders and seek to destroy the enemy. Players use fiducials( which are picked up by webcams) to move around the randomly generated map.

Processing + Facebook - 2007

A data visualization experience of my facebook profile being controlled using a Joystick Rumble Pad. For security reasons I can't give this code.

Flow - 2007

This is a short film that myself and 3 others produced for our video class at UQAM. It was also presented at "Festival du Film Étudiant de Québec - Édition 2008"

Shockwave - 2007

"Onde de choc" (shockwave) is an interactive installation created by a small group of students to present at ARCADIA Festival. It's a multiplayer game where one player shoots a sound wave to his opponent who then has to defend himself.

Wii Drums
WII drums - 2007

2 wiimotes + 2 nunchucks simulating a complete drum kit. Depending on the button pressed and the velocity of the "hit" a different sound would play. Visuals were added everytime a note was hit.
Big thanks to Mark Carrol.

Flash Vizualiser
FLASH VisualIzer - 2006 (download)

A simple flash visualizer where a song was decomposed in Max MSP and data was sent to Flash for visuals. User can interact with the mouse and control the output.

Flash Analyser
Flash Analyzer - 2006 (download)

Another project where Max MSP talks to Flash. This one creates a visual representation of the frequencies in the song. We can then analyze it and find out which frequencies are mostly present.

Rodrigo - 2006 (download)

A simpe flash game where Rodrigo needs to clean up his room. This was more of an excuse to explore isometric gaming.